Shoreline at the 2023 AONN+ Conference

Woman speaker at 2023 AONN+ Conference.
Dr. Elba L. Saavendra Ferrer, recording a video for Shoreline which you can watch here.

San Antonio, Texas
November 15—19, 2023

The AONN+ Annual event serves as a dynamic gathering, bringing together oncology’s most influential navigators, social workers, physicians, and administrators. Attendees, including the Shoreline, converge to think boldly and enact change in the field of oncology navigation. The Shoreline team found this collaborative platform that unites like-minded professionals dedicated to accelerating the pace of change in patient navigation, perfect for sharing their groundbreaking patient-education software.

Shoreline at the NCODA summit for oncology experts and thought leaders

Orlando, Florida

October 25—27, 2023

The NCODA Fall Summit is a pivotal event for members and partners within the oncology community, offering unparalleled value and a collaborative platform for knowledge exchange. Shoreline was excited to attend this summit dedicated to industry experts and thought leaders that delve into the latest insights on patient-centered care and medically integrated oncology.

Shoreline seized this opportunity to showcase their innovative patient-education software, contributing valuable information to the diverse array of cutting-edge products and services in the exhibit hall. The Shoreline team found participating in the NCODA Summit is indispensable for anyone in the oncology field, offering a unique blend of education, networking, and exposure to cutting-edge solutions.

Shoreline at the CPEN conference for the latest advances in cancer treatments

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

October 3—6, 2023

Shoreline attended the annual International Cancer Education Conference in collaboration with the American Association of Cancer Education. The goal of the conference was to harness a diverse array of cancer education programs and publications from esteemed organizations that link cancer educators nationwide, as well as provide a platform for networking, mentorship, and support.

Shoreline’s unique contribution lied in sharing their patient-education software, aligning with the broader mission of delivering effective education to patients and their families.