Empowering Community Oncology with Innovative Patient Education

Discover the future of patient education in community oncology. Shoreline offers an innovative, easy-to-use platform designed to empower oncologists and their patients with essential knowledge for better care.

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Elevate Patient Understanding

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Bite-sized Video Clips

A crucial educational tool, providing quick, digestible insights into vital medical concepts.

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Tailored Content

Easily choose content to suit individual patient needs, ensuring relevance and better engagement.

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User-Friendly Design

Intuitive interface for both clinicians and patients, enhancing communication and comprehension.

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Secure &
HIPAA Compliant

Patient information isn’t stored or used for reporting, rigorously designed for confidentiality.

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Engaging, Bite-Sized Video Content

Record bite-sized video clips that provide quick, digestible insights into complex medical concepts. Perfect for today’s fast-paced digital environment, these clips are designed to fit seamlessly into both the patient’s and clinicians busy schedules.

Uploads Made Easy

Simplify the process of sharing knowledge by uploading documents, presentations, videos, and other educational resources. Shoreline supports variety of formats, facilitating a more comprehensive and interactive patient education process.

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Customize for Enhanced Patient Care

Every patient’s journey is unique. Clinicians can tailor a group of resources to each patient’s specific needs, fostering better understanding and engagement. Create a playlist of resources to quickly send related resources to a patient.

AI Features for Enhanced Content Quality

Trim silences from videos for a more engaging viewing experience, automatically generate concise summaries for quick understanding, and offer language translation to broaden accessibility. These smart features not only improve the quality of the content but also ensure that it is more inclusive and tailored to the diverse needs of patients in care.

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User-Friendly Design with Secure Compliance

Our focus has always been on the patient, ensuring they have an intuitive interface to easily access information. We prioritize security and confidentiality, with HIPAA compliance built in from day one to protect patient information.

Streamlined Workflow for Resource Approval

Ensure all educational resources meet the highest standards of accuracy and relevance. Whether it’s a new video, presentation, or document, our approval system keeps the content reliable, beneficial, and aligned with the latest in patient education.

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Focused on Your Practice’s Needs

Shoreline is more than just a technology provider; we are partners in community oncology. Our platform is developed with the insights and feedback of oncologists, ensuring it meets the unique challenges of patient education in this field.

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The Shoreline app is patent-pending,

reflecting our innovative approach to enhancing patient education and healthcare communication.

Join the Revolution in Oncology Patient Education

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