NCODA Conference Highlights: Shoreline Boosts Patient Satisfaction and Efficiency for Utah Cancer Specialists with Bite-Sized Videos and Generative AI

At the recent NCODA conference, Chuck Sharp, Dr. Jason Stinnett, and Jayne Erickson delivered an insightful webinar highlighting Shoreline’s role in enhancing patient satisfaction within their respective domains. Their collective excitement echoed the sentiment that our bite-sized video clips serve as the optimal learning tool for patients.

They were able to showcase the impactful outcomes stemming from Shoreline’s partnership with Utah Cancer Specialists:

• Utah Cancer Specialists saved 1 hour per clinician weekly and realized an ROI of 10.4.
• Achieved a Net Promoter Score on par with that of Apple.

Additionally, Shoreline has been using generative AI to support Utah Cancer Specialists SEO Content needs on their public website.

During the webinar, they shared meaningful testimonials from the case study:
• “I want to cry. This saves me so much time. I don’t have to repeat the same thing over and over again. I can just send a playlist.”
• “Having something digital that patients can view on their phones is so helpful.”
• “Automating the delivery of NCODA fact sheets is a game-changer.”

Below is an example of a clip filmed by Dr. Jason Stinnett that served as a part of this case study.