Create and send after visit instructions

Help patients make more progress and be more efficient.

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Easy to Use

With built-in A.I video editing and advanced video streaming technology the system uses the latest technology to make things easy to use. Patients receive information via text or email and the system was designed by non technical clinicians for non technical clinicians.

“There is so much to cover during my sessions and I don’t like losing the flow of the meeting by explaining post session exercises and to do’s. Shoreline gives me confidence that we are getting the most out of the time in session and after.”

— Sarah H, Therapist

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Secure and Hipaa Compliant

Patient educators at large cancer hospitals like MD Anderson, St Jude, UCSF, and Fred Hutch in Seattle helped to create Shoreline. Shoreline has been vetted and approved by the toughest legal and privacy departments in the world.

“It stresses me out how quickly I forget what my therapist asks me to do. Shoreline is great because I can watch a TikTok like video and easily remember. It helps me get more out of my time with Sarah.”

— Chuck S, Patient

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Free Trial – How it Works

Try it for free for 14 days. If you like how Shoreline is saving you time and improving patient satisfaction, you pay $12.50 a month for your office. If it’s not helpful, then you pay nothing.