Shoreline offers customized web content that can be embedded on any website

April 19th, 2024

Shoreline is an AI-enabled solution that empowers clinicians to create and share educational content including bite-sized video clips and information sheets.

It is a big task to add an entire tree of content to a website. Each page needs to be researched, created, composed, and run through an approval process. Shoreline aims to streamline the process with carefully guided generative AI that can create content quickly and accurately.

Created content then goes through an approval process with automated assignments for human approval based on tags.

Here is an example from the Shoreline website.

About Shoreline

Shoreline’s journey began when its founder and CEO, Chuck Sharp’s father, was diagnosed with cancer. As Chuck helped his father navigate the cancer care journey, he personally experienced how overwhelming and scary it was for his father, and he struggled to educate himself on his father’s diagnosis and care. Shoreline makes it easy for clinicians to create, curate, and deliver their own video clips + and content. Our services help with editing and project management while our A.I. tools make it easy to centralize, approve, and share education that improves the patient experience and provider engagement. Chuck Sharp founded and sold three successful software companies that specialized knowledge management, and now he’s applying his expertise to arm clinicians with the right tools to inform, educate, and care for patients. 

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