Utah Cancer Specialists Partner with Shoreline to Deliver Bite-Sized Care Videos for Cancer Patients.

April 1st, 2024

Clinicians at Utah Cancer Specialists partner with Shoreline to create bite-sized care videos for patients undergoing cancer treatment. 

It’s not easy for a patient to absorb the news of their cancer diagnosis. It’s harder still for them to process all the information they are being told about their treatment, prognosis, and care.

“At that moment, patients are in a fight or flight mode. They often tune out and cannot retain everything I am saying. When they get home, many patients turn to Google to learn about their cancer, and that information is often inaccurate.” said Oncologist Dr. Jason Stinnett, Utah Cancer Specialists.

Shoreline is an AI-enabled technology company based in Salt Lake City, UT, that empowers clinicians to effortlessly create bite-sized video clips they can easily share by text or email to improve patient experience. 

“Everyone is on their phone these days. Creating bite-sized video clips for patients just made sense. I wish I had this when my dad was diagnosed with cancer,” says Chuck Sharp, CEO of Shoreline. “Our solution strengthens the personal connection between the patient and the clinicians who serve them.” 

Shoreline enables clinicians to create customized playlists for individual patients and supports multimedia, including documents, articles, and videos. During the pilot phase, over 100 video clips were created, which were viewed over 1,200 times. Shoreline saved clinicians an average of an hour a week, and they also saw a meaningful uptick in patient satisfaction. 

Randy Erickson, the CEO of Utah Cancer Specialists said, “Our team is known for providing compassionate care and the most advanced treatment options. Through Shoreline we now offer the best patient education in Utah.”  

About Shoreline

Shoreline’s journey began when its founder and CEO, Chuck Sharp’s father, was diagnosed with cancer. As Chuck helped his father navigate the cancer care journey, he personally experienced how overwhelming and scary it was for his father, and he struggled to educate himself on his father’s diagnosis and care. Shoreline makes it easy for clinicians to create, curate, and deliver their own video clips + and content. Our services help with editing and project management while our A.I. tools make it easy to centralize, approve, and share education that improves the patient experience and provider engagement. Chuck Sharp founded and sold three successful software companies that specialized knowledge management, and now he’s applying his expertise to arm clinicians with the right tools to inform, educate, and care for patients. 

Learn more at https://www.shoreline.health

About Utah Cancer Specialists

Utah Cancer Specialists, the largest community-based oncology and hematology treatment practice in Utah, offers a range of services including medical oncology, hematology, radiation oncology, and imaging. Their specialists are well-versed in treating all types of cancer, including rare malignancies. Engaged in clinical research, they translate promising findings into effective treatments. As comprehensive providers, they offer support and educational programs to help individuals cope with cancer’s effects and prepare for life after treatment.

For more information, please visit https://www.utahcancer.com